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NYU Status Report


Summary & Commentary

Summary: NYU is out for the summer, and will likely return as a mostly vaccinated campus.

Outlook: Assuming high vaccination coverage, NYU will likely stay low in cases in current and future academic terms.

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Recent Data & Analysis

Individual campus updates: Check the buffer and NYS-compliance section for each of the 9 campuses

Quarantined: these students are close contacts with someone positive or traveled to a restricted location recently
Isolated: these students have tested positive or have Covid-consistent symptoms

Check out New York City, New York State, and U.S. National data from VioletTracker

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Graphs & Visual Data

NYS-Compliance metric: This metric is how NYS tracks which schools can stay open. Essentially, it captures the number of cases during the current 2-week block period

Buffer metric: Each campus must get less new cases than the following numbers to avoid closure during this time period

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Check out New York City, New York State, and U.S. National data from VioletTracker

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NYU Aggregate Neighborhood Status

YELLOW ALERT for the NYU Aggregate Neighborhood (NYC)
The NYU Aggregate Neighborhood is a zoomed-out look at a selected focus area of the community surrounding NYU's New York campus. Think of it as a neighborhood buffer zone. The true Covid case numbers in this group of zipcodes are likely to have a direct impact on NYU students.

Show more NYU Aggregate Neighborhood data

Please refresh the page if the map above is not displaying properly, or click here to view.

Please note that the city-sourced charts & data above are incomplete for the past 14 days, and bound to be updated later by the New York City Dept. of Health. They may be reporting less cases right now and will be revised as new results are processed. Additionally, there may be time-misalignment with other sources.

(*) The NYU Aggregate neighborhood is comprised of the following zipcodes: 10003, 10012, 10010, 10011, 10014, 10013, and 11201. These were selected based upon concentration of campus buildings, dorms, and general student population.

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Relevant News

#1: NYU allegedly notified frats on 9/25 that through contact tracing, it is believed positive cases mainly stem from WSP raves, Tompkins Square Park gatherings, and social events or parties that students engaged in. I've reviewed a partial screenshot of this communication, but full verification is needed.

#2: Reports & rumors of irresponsible raves in Washington Square Park, Tompkins Square Park, and Union Square Park over various weekends, though noticeably they have been declining over time.

#3: Read a student reporter's first-hand account of testing positive and undergoing NYU's quarantine, as well as a breakdown of quarantine procedures.

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Risk Factors

These are things to keep an eye on as we move through the semester (aka threats to the status quo)

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