VioletTracker is winding down most of its operations, EXCEPT the Real-time Covid Forecast. The forecast and other modules may be updated periodically.

Covid Forecast

Summary & Commentary

Summary: The country is either stable or decreasing, depending upon the region. The South and West are largely stable while the Midwest and Northeast are falling. As of writing, NYC is decreasing in viral spread & NYS is also decreasing

There is a 1-3 week lag for the forecast to show up in confirmed cases from testing (if the forecast has been accurate)

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Visual Forecast

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Disease Models

COVID-19 Forecast Hub CDC COVID-19 Forecasts Kinsa Healthweather YYG Covid Nowcast 538 Covid Model Guide
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Google COVID-19 Model IHME COVID-19 Model

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Outbreak Factor Trackers

Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker CDC Cases Caused by COVID Variants CDC COVID Vaccine Tracker Apple Mobility Trends CMU Covidcast Unacast Social Distancing Scoreboard Google Mobility Reports Covid Tracking Project Hospital Capacity Tracker NYT Hospital Capacity Tracker NYT COVID Vaccine Tracker

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