VioletTracker is winding down most of its operations, EXCEPT the Real-time Covid Forecast. The forecast and other modules may be updated periodically.

Covid Future Forecast

A virus trajectory prediction for the upcoming week. Lower index number means reduced spread

Given the recent management of the pandemic in the U.S. and the excessively time-consuming nature of this data work, I have decided to wind down VioletTracker. The exact nature of this wind down process is something I'll be working out, but for now, expect fewer updates (unless necessary/ appropriate). The Real-time Covid Forecast is where I will be focusing much of my energy. Thank you for tuning in and doing your part during this crisis-of-a-generation.


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VioletTracker is a compilation of all the Covid-related news you need to keep yourself safe in NYC & at NYU. Check back here regularly for live updates and sign up for the newsletter with the button below.

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New York University Status

Rationale: NYU is out for the summer, and will likely return as a mostly vaccinated campus
. More data & info.

New York City Status

GREEN ALERT for New York City (NYC)
Rationale: The city is having exponentially declining community spread, likely a very direct result of vaccine progress
. More data & info.


Alert Key:Low RiskMedium RiskHigh RiskCritical Risk

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VioletTracker is compiling the latest advice from trusted public health experts & authorities to deliver you a list of Covid best practices. You don’t have to do them all, but the more you do, the better off you will be (along with society).

See the full VT Covid Protocol for details & further guidance
Last major update: 12/03

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Blog from the Creator

Recent Emails & Archive

Bold items are most recent & relevant

12/15 Midweek Update: Orange Alert for WSQ - Finals Week
12/11 Weekend Update: Where We Stand Near the End of the Semester
12/02 Midweek Update: Orange Alert Downgrade for WSQ

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12/01 Breaking News: WSQ Breaches 100 Cases in Block, Thanksgiving Impact
11/23 Midweek Update: Red Alert for WSQ & Orange for NYC
11/15 Weekend Update: Medium Spike
11/10 Midweek Update: Continued Low Campus Cases
10/30 Week Update: Low Numbers
10/26 Weekend Update: Steady Numbers
10/22 Breaking News: WSQ Returns to Yellow?
10/19 Breaking News: Orange Alert for WSQ
10/15 Dashboard Bulletin: Downward Trend
10/12 Breaking News: Weekend Dashboard Updates
10/08 Breaking News: Dashboard Updates
10/06 Breaking News: No Remote Transition, For Now
10/05 Dashboard Bulletin
10/03 Breaking News: Dashboard Updates
10/02 Breaking News: State Dashboard Update
10/01 Breaking News: Significant Dashboard Changes
09/29 Dashboard Bulletin
09/28 Inaugural Edition

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Feedback & Tips

If you have feedback or confidential tips to submit to me, please use this form, or email me at I rely on community tips for supplemental reporting.

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New York State Covid App

New York State recently announced a new privacy-minded Covid app, called COVID Alert NY, designed by the state Department of Health.

Learn more
The app keeps people safe and provides exposure notifications using bluetooth iOS / Android technology (rather than tracking your location). It works regionally with apps in NY, NJ, PA, and DE.

The app also has other features, such as recent county-by-county testing results and a health log to help you monitor any possible symptoms.

As of 12/01, 1.1 million New Yorkers have downloaded it to keep NY safe. I urge you to join us.

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Reddit Flash Update Archive

Useful for community discussion. Bold items are most recent & relevant

12/15 NYU Covid Dashboard - 12/15 Update
12/14 VT POLL: What are your Spring 2021 semester plans?
12/10 NYU Covid Dashboard - 12/10 Update
12/06 NYU Covid Dashboard - 12/06 Update

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12/03 NYU Covid Dashboard - 12/3 Update
12/01 NYU Covid Dashboard - 12/1 Update
11/29 NYU Covid Update - 11/29
11/25 NYU Covid Dashboard - 11/25 Update
11/23 NYU Covid Dashboard - 11/23 Update (RED Alert)
11/22 NYU Covid Dashboard - 11/22 Update
11/20 NYU Covid Dashboard - 11/20 Update
11/15 NYU Covid Dashboard - 11/15 Update
11/10 NYU Covid Dashboard - 11/10 Update
10/30 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/30 Update
10/26 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/26 Update
10/22 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/22
10/19 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/19 Update
10/17 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/17 Update
10/13 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/13
10/11 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/11 Update
10/08 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/8
10/06 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/6 Update
10/05 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/5 Update
10/02 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/2 Update
10/01 NYU Covid Dashboard - 10/1 Update
09/29 NYU Covid Dashboard - 9/29 Update
09/24 NYU Covid Dashboard - 9/24 Update
09/23 NYU Covid Dashboard - 9/23 Update
09/21 NYU Covid Dashboard - 9/21 Update
09/18 NYU Covid Dashboard - 9/18 Update
09/17 NYU Corona Dashboard - 9/17 Update

Other relevant posts
NOW violetflash Reddit User Profile
11/18 VT Poll: What are your Thanksgiving plans?
10/14 NYU Covid Status Portal - VioletTracker Announcement
09/26 NYU Covid Tracker Newsletter
09/14 NYU Corona Dashboard - 9/14

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